Why the “spinning plate” strategy was bad for my business.

Okay, so after my mountain top epiphany, I decided to slow down and develop my folders for each of my websites. It’s an idea I got from one of my Mentors, Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome.com. He designates a folder for each of his projects and he collects all of his ideas, along with a list of things to get done. I’m not the most organized person, so this idea was a revelation to me. I meticulously sorted all of my online business project ideas, along with a list of objectives for each project into their own folders. As the Brits say, I had everything sorted. Of course, that was just the first step.

Having all of my projects all neatly organized, I embarked on systematically advancing every folder. I tried to assign a day of the week to every project, thinking that I could commit available hours(or minutes) in a day to accomplishing at least something on each objectives list. When I played basketball in my youth, the coach would tell us that during a game, if we weren’t making our shots, to switch our focus to defense. The idea being that we could always be helping out the team, even in the times when our aim wasn’t exactly great. I would use this approach to contribute to each project. I would write much needed quality content and during the times I didn’t exactly feel inspired, I could develop the SEO of each project until the inspiration to write would return.

“The purpose of battle is to attain the greatest heights within your own limits.” ― Yukito Kishiro

I work a full time job, four ten hour days, with a two hour commute each way. In addition to that, I’m an active father, which means my time is at a serious premium. I have to make every single minute in a day count if I’m going to accomplish my goal of achieving the coveted “30 second commute.” I found it difficult to focus on a project and then “flip a switch” and focus on something else, even in the space of a day. I was attempting, quite unsuccessfully, to develop all of my projects simultaneously, which is a lot like the juggler who spins several plates at once, running to and fro, keeping them all going at the same time. I acknowledge the “plate spinning” approach was not conducive to my limited schedule, so instead I shifted gears and focused on a single project.

I took a niche site idea from keyword research the correct way, to completion and launch. I won’t reveal the site because I want to have it rank solely on organic traffic in order to monitor the effectiveness of my keyword research. I can, for the most part, file that folder away and focus solely on the next one. I could tell right away that it’s a much more effective way for me to work.

It was quite a learning experience to summon all of the lessons that I’ve learned through others and my own mistakes and put out what I think will eventually be a significant source of passive income. Now back to writing, or if I’m uninspired, more SEO. Wish me luck.