Up And Running…Sort Of.

Okay, so my initial approach to this project was to learn as much as I could and when I got a little bit of knowledge(and confidence), I would take a leap of faith. I challenged myself to build one of each of the sites that I’ve read about in the last month and the results are as follows:

1. www.SpringCleaningHQ.com, my niche site,

2. www.YourExtraHustle.com, my authority site,

3. www.JazzWithoutANet.com, my personal Blog,

4. and finally, this site to report it all.

Let me preface this report by saying that I can be a bit impulsive and some times it pays off and sometimes it doesn’t. Consider this report a tale of having a result somewhere in the middle.

After reading a bit and watching a few  Youtube videos, I thought I had an understanding of keywords. Needless to say, I did not. I made a pretty big mistake picking my niche site. My intent was to pick a keyword that was relevant to what I already knew with a high number of average monthly searches and low competition for results found. Instead, I used Google Adwords Keyword Planner and I mistakenly chose a keyword with low competition for Advertisers instead of results. I should have sought out keywords with HIGH competition for Advertisers. So, I stumbled right out of the gate. My site, which is dedicated to Spring Cleaning, has a few problems. It is woefully saddled by low advertising competition. It’s results competition on the first page of Google has an average page ranking of a 4, which puts me up against giants like Martha Stewart, Better Homes & Gardens and Housekeeping magazine to name a few. Oh, and it was pointed out to me by a colleague in the Warrior forum that my keyword was not a selling keyword, which means that my niche is not exactly marketable to people looking to spend money. So, because of these blunders, my website is half niche, half authority site hybrid and all cautionary tale. Even still, I’m proud of what I have been able to accomplish so far and I will continue to develop this site primarily by adding great content.

My actual authority site, designed around the concept of finding ways to make extra money, is coming along just great. Again, way too competitive keyword choices.(Yeah, I’m still trying to figure it out) I’ve added some pretty good content and I’m in the process of writing more articles to be featured on the site. I’m passionate about teaching people the importance of having a back up career, whether it’s to supplement their income, save for a specific financial goal or actually change careers, so I should be able to contribute a great deal to the site over time.

And finally, my personal blog about learning to play improvisational Jazz music is my pet project. It was created completely from html code, written exclusively by me. It’s basic, true enough, but I AM SO PROUD OF IT and I am learning the language of coding. Not bad for a newbie if I do say so myself.

Mistakes aside, I can feel myself growing and that’s very exciting to me. I have built and launched four distinct websites. I have added affiliate content, Adsense and my investment has been minimal. I’m also using three different hosting companies for these projects, just to be able to weigh the pros and cons of each. In the last 30 days, I’ve learned an awful lot about myself and it’s costs me very little money and time so far. Imagine just how better at this I will be at the end of the next thirty days.

Brace yourselves…