The “Soft Mentor’s” Role In The Pursuit Of My Passion.

Everyone has their own definition of success. To some, it’s only about money. To others it’s all about freedom to experience life on their own terms. My definition of success is having every opportunity to relentlessly pursue my passion for teaching. My interest in teaching is not limited to the traditional “classroom” approach. The way I see it, any time we’re sharing what we’ve learned with another person, we are, in essence, teaching.

Self development and preparation both play important roles in reaching my goal to teach. After all, you can’t teach what you haven’t yet learned. I consider myself reasonably focused. As a matter of fact, I once wrote an article about the importance of preparation and developing a plan of action before just leaping into something. If I could be so candid, I have a confession to make….

Hi, I’m Keith…and I’m a Leaper.(wow, that felt good.)

It just so happens that I don’t always practice what I preach. Case in point, I spent the last thirty or so days building four websites(including this one) without even the slightest consideration of a plan. Sure, I’m passionate about every single keyword that I pursued(although, because of said leap, my research was dead wrong) but I didn’t exactly take into account how in the world I was going to adequately provide content for four different websites. I am officially overwhelmed. I’ve decided to focus on this blog, which documents my growth in my understanding of the online business world, while occasionally writing quality content for my other sites.

As you can probably tell by now, I’m not a Writer. Not much of one anyway, so don’t be shocked by the misuse of the King’s English, crude sentence structure or punctuation that’s not quite up to today’s standards. Rest assured, I am currently looking to take a writing class to minimize the “cringe” factor in my posts. I happen to believe that you will forgive my literary shortcomings for now because of my passion and my willingness to lay it all out on the table for you to critique. I’m not at all nervous about that either because I am learning and therefore growing and growth is good. I have, however, come to the conclusion that it’s time to redefine my mission. It is my full intention to share with you what I know already and what I’ve recently learned, but only after I have a good understanding of the lessons I glean from my “Soft Mentors.”

What are “Soft Mentors”, you say? It’s the title I came up with to describe someone that I stalk(not really), study and hang onto every single word or thought that they share online. That doesn’t mean that I agree with everything they say, but I literally inhale all the content that feeds me because growth requires nourishment, right?

I have two such Mentors to date, sort of.

  1. Pat Flynn from and
  2. pretty much everybody he’s interviewed on his podcast so far.

It’s been an interesting ride to this point. I have a LONG commute of two hours each way(yikes), so I listen to Pat and his guests discuss what a brand new Blogger has to do to get traffic, to optimize their site, to provide good content and basically to make the internet a better place. The challenge to me is to take the lessons from SPI’s first 50 episodes(that’s as far as I’ve gotten so far) and interpret them in “2014” speak. SEO is very different now, as is link building and some of the other lessons offered more than two years ago. I learned that the hard way.

I stumbled through building my niche site only to discover that I had mistaken Google Adwords Ad competition for search competition. I am now starting from scratch with a new keyword and I’ll build my next niche site using the lessons I learned from the experience of screwing up. The existing site I use as a great tool to develop other skills while I attempt to drive traffic to it.

Okay, so some time after my screw up, I’m listening to episode 49 of the Smart Passive Income podcast and I hear that guest Brendon Hufford of GiReviews.netis a reformed “Leaper.” He too, had acted before he fully understood and had cost himself Google ranking and precious traffic to his site. He was able to turn it around and build a pretty nice micro-niche business. To hear his recovery and subsequent success story encouraged me immensely. I had stumbled and made what I thought was a critical mistake, but I could recover from it because Brendon had. may not be lost after all.

I can not express to you what it means to be pursuing a different career path with NO knowledge and very little skill and yet be so optimistic about my future. I owe it all to my “Soft Mentors.” Here’s hoping someone will stalk me the same way one day….