Maybe Google’s Out Of My League?

Okay, so after launching four distinct websites, my focus turned to traffic and I gotta say, I’m a bit nervous about it. I began to research ways to drive traffic to my websites and I’ve learned a bit about black hat vs. white hat search engine optimization(SEO). Black hat is when you focus on the “gaming” of Google in order to manipulate search results by strategically stocking keywords and anchored links, writing articles, guest posting and making comments on popular blogs and other websites with the sole purpose of creating backlinks to your site. White hat SEO is when you create natural links back to your site simply by creating well written, good content, commenting and guest blogging because you actually have something to say. What I’ve discovered in my research is a bit discouraging. Apparently, Google works real hard to undermine the black hat bandits and often times, it’s at the expense of good sites with good content.

So let me get this straight. Robots are killing innocents because Google has not yet mastered human judgement in it’s algorithm? What chance have I got with this SEO stuff?

Google’s SEO guidelines are sort of like a dating experience I had when I was a teenager. There was this very attractive classmate of mine who pretty much kept to herself most of the time. I always thought it was kind of weird, but it didn’t matter because she was clearly out of my league.

(I won’t name her because she’s still around…and she hasn’t exactly aged gracefully.)

Anyway, this hot girl just decided one day that I was worthy of a date with her. I guess she was trying to make some other guy jealous or something or maybe she admired the very attentive and sensitive way I communicated with the girls who she and I both considered in my league. So somehow we ended up an item, and even for that short little while, I, Mr. Inconspicuous, the self professed “Invisible Man”, was for a short time accepted and even considered by some, “hot” by association. Things were great until I discovered why this gorgeous girl was alone most of the time. She was a bonafide Psycho who would show up at my house not speaking to me and somehow she expected me to know why. She wouldn’t provide any clues and the worse my desperate guesses of why she was angry were, the angrier she got. I put up with this treatment because again, she was WAY out of my league.

So what if Google’s the hot girl? I’m not saying Google’s nuttier as a fruitcake like the girl back in high school was, but what if I’m incapable of pleasing her? I have to consider for a minute that Google can’t actually be pleased. What if she’s finicky, hard to understand, and I spend a lot of time guessing wrong and being punished for it and never being awarded a spot on her coveted first page? I’m not completely convinced that Google is worth pursuing. Maybe a simpler course of SEO action would be to concentrate on Bing’s webmaster tool instead. I could use all I’ve learned about SEO for Google and focus those lessons solely on Bing. Who knows, maybe Bing and Yahoo will appreciate the attention, be grateful enough to respond and even rank my sites. And maybe, just maybe Google will see how attentive I am to the “average” search engines and appreciate me for my sensitivity. It’s probably not likely this course of action will work. After all, hot girls only truly fall for the invisible guys in movies, right?

I’ve come to a conclusion of what SEO strategy I will deploy. My strategy is to ignore SEO. It seems to be a bit of voodoo lately anyway. I’m not convinced anything works since the great Panda update. There’s not much evidence that I see. Besides, I would much rather become a better Blogger and internet marketer, build an audience one interested reader at a time and earn my way to good consistent traffic than to sell my soul to the Gods of those stupid robots. Wow, I feel much better now…. Thanks for listening!