Love It And Leap: Revelation…in two parts.

After a long hiatus, I have returned to the origin of my creative growth as an internet Marketer…and let me tell you, I’m a changed man. I’ve learn a lot in a year, especially about myself. I’ve learned that this is NOT the business for shortcuts. Whenever I attempted to save time or money I ultimately ended up wasting both. I’ve also learned that you get what you pay for. When something seems to be a “steal of a deal”, chances are, there’s a reason. I learned what “black hat” means and how those tactics can end you before you even start. I would say that I’ve grown quite a bit in the last year, in every way but one. I’m still not a Writer and as I have discovered, that’s all my fault.

Some of us are born Writers, then some of us, like me, have to have it hammered into us. My most valuable lesson in the last 12 months I got from an older podcast by the guys. In one of their many incredible discussions, they concluded that, in order to become a great Blogger, you have to first be a bad Blogger, then a good one and then, as you learn more about your subject and how better to communicate in this form, you’ll eventually grow into a great Blogger. Common sense, right? Not for me.

This shouldn’t have been news to me. I should have learned this in art school when a very influential Instructor of my mine told me that every great Artist has to produce at least 1000 paintings that stink and disappoint before he will began to recognize his voice and know how to better express himself. Same concept offered to me 26 years ago, but not until the “Fizzle” Founders discussed it did I see the value. The lesson there is that when it’s your time to get it, you will get it.

So, having learned this great lesson, I attempt to work on my 1000 lousy paintings, writing my grossly inferior blog posts and gritting my teeth all the while. I hated what I was producing but I believed I was doing the right thing. No pain, no gain, right? Wrong, because I also didn’t get the Cardinal rule of blogging: WRITE WHAT YOU LOVE. Instead, I attempted, by market research, to find popular subjects and/or keywords to exploit in order to build my fortune. FAIL. In a year’s time there was little or no growth on my sites. No one was engaged nor were they inspired. Why would they be? There was nothing interesting there. There was no real risk being taken. There’s nothing put on the line. I wasn’t sticking my neck out and taking any chances. My eyes were opened as my second most important lesson slapped me across the kisser. Reading a blog written by a guy writing about subjects that he doesn’t care about is like watching a person juggle one ball. IT’S JUST PLAIN BORING.

Frustrated, I took bold action by taking down EVERY SINGLE SITE I BUILT FOR THE WRONG REASON. I scrapped them all. I had to. If I’m going to power through the mediocre posts, I have to at least love what I’m writing about, right?. If I don’t love it, I will tire of the failures that are bound to come. You see, I realize there’s no guarantee that I will build an audience with a subject I love, but I’m definitely sticking my neck out, risking rejection, just to find out. I think I’m finally on the right track and it feels daunting, but good. So, if I could go back in time and tell myself a year ago how to start and what to focus on, my advice would be four simple words; love it and leap.