A Single Act.

It’s amazing how a single act can change your path in life. I am very excited about my opportunity to develop passive streams of income by way of an online business and while this is a new venture for me, I’m not exactly new to the concept of passive income or online business. As a personal finance consultant, I have often encouraged clients to let their money work for them through investing. I have been an avid online auction participant and e-shopper for as long as I can remember, so online business and it’s processes are all very familiar to me. I had not, however, considered the possibility of creating systems of automation online that could produce income without my constant presence or attention.

One day I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, “Stacking Benjamins” and the Host Joe Saul Sehy was interviewing Pat Flynn from smartpassiveincome.com. Pat’s story blew me away. My eyes were opened to the idea of developing websites and sharing good content with the world through the pages of a blog. It’s the ideal business model where everybody wins! How could I not dig this? Not only did I discover a new business concept that day, I found something more that would change my life.

As unique as Pat’s experience was with his timing and how things came together for him, I fully understand that what he accomplished was not easy. I will say that the ground work he laid in blogging about his preparation for taking the LEEDS exam served as a catalyst to a great deal of his success. I was psyched when I realized the possibilities.

Not only would Pat inspire me, but his interview lead me to his blog which, in turn, lead me to his podcast, which lead me to the stories of Nicole Dean and Cliff Ravenscraft and others who have found their way to online success and streams of passive income, some from a place of anxiety, after experiencing a life change or a job loss and having no choice but to act. I noticed that those that were forced to respond to their negative circumstances found something in themselves that would empower them not only to overcome their circumstances, but to thrive in their new chosen careers.

“You never know how strong you are until strong is your only choice.” -Bob Marley

Okay, so I have literally stumbled upon a new frontier, which has inspired me to want to both create and contribute to the world by way of this media that I’ve willfully taken so much from all of these years. It’s time to give back. I’ve been given inspiration in the form of remarkable stories of hard work and success. I have at my disposal, the humble subjects of these success stories, along with their missteps, their regrets and their obstacles, all of which inspire me to think more creatively and critically. I acknowledge that I am blessed beyond measure because a single act of listening to a podcast has literally changed my life. If that’s not evidence of the power of new media, I don’t know what is.

I have learned so much just by reading the blogs of people just like me who basically decided one day to make better use of their time. Some were forced by their circumstances and some were “encouraged” by a deficit they happened to find in their lives. One thing’s for certain, every single one of them had to act when they did. They didn’t do everything right, but they took action to change their lives.

I’ve learned a lot since finding this path, but I’ll focus on two main things in particular; Acting is necessary and failure is fuel. Learning to value one’s time is the first step to real freedom. Being free means that my time is too valuable an asset to only trade for money. I’ve seen freedom and I gotta say, I kind of dig it. I guess it’s time for me to act.

Brace yourselves….I am officially out of excuses.