Focus: The Art Of Juggling A Single Ball

When I leaped into this venture of building an online business, I attempted several things at once. I mean, I was all over the place. I started six websites at once and I wrote for all six for a while, then I started to run out of ideas…and interest. After a while, I was left with sad sites, void of content, that didn’t inspire or excite me. Not much of my effort on those sites produced any measurable results in the way of SEO or content creation and I’m pretty sure it was because of my lack of passion for the subject matter. I didn’t choose wisely. Instead, I attempted to create websites that I thought would find a captive audience.

I learned recently from an old post that a website should pass three tests:

1. You should really care about the subject.

2. That subject should solve a problem.

3. The solution to that problem should be in demand.

Looking over my sites, I found that none of them met all three criteria. Some sites solved a problem, but not a big enough one to be in demand. Some of the sites were good ideas, but not of much interest to me personally. Some of the sites didn’t meet a single criteria. My conclusion was that, while I had learned a lot about internet marketing, I was in a rut creatively. My sites didn’t inspire me to inspire others, which is sort of the point.

I’m an action oriented person. When I want something done, I do it myself, which is fine, but working on several things at once can impede your progress on any one project. I basically diluted my creative juices by spreading them over too many projects at once. I’ve learned a great deal from my misguided endeavor and what I’m forcing myself to do now is to focus on one project to completion. I’m learning to back away from projects that don’t inspire me and devote my attention to the things that I am passionate about. It’s the only way I’m going to produce something of value for my audience.