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“Mountaintop” clarity

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I appreciate and try to make good use of all of the lessons I’ve been taught over the course of my life, especially the ones that seem to reappear periodically, as if I’m being reminded of their importance and significance. One of these lessons is the value of separating myself and being still for a [...]

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Value first.

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I’ve decided to start over with one of my sites. It was my first ever website launched and I was initially very proud of it. Now that I’ve been learning more about the importance of leading with good content, I realize my site was basically a big ad with no real focus. Have you ever [...]

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Keywords…and caring.

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I have made yet another grand discovery in my pursuit of passive income. My journey is weird in that every time I make a mistake building my business, along comes an SPI podcast to help me see the light. Something’s telling me that I should probably listen to more podcasts before I proceed. It certainly [...]

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The “Soft Mentor’s” role in the pursuit of my passion.

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Everyone has their own definition of success. To some, it’s only ¬†about money. To others it’s all about freedom to experience life on their own terms. My definition of success is having every opportunity to relentlessly pursue my passion for teaching. My interest in teaching is not limited to the traditional “classroom” approach. The way [...]

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A single act

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It’s amazing how a single act can change your path in life. I am very excited about my opportunity to develop passive streams of income by way of an online business and while this is a new venture for me, I’m not exactly new to the concept of passive income or online business. As a [...]

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